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Ayurvedic Tulsi tea



  • The Tulsi used in our products is grown exclusively by Certified Farmers.
  • 100% chemical & pesticide free.
  • Grown under the strictest standards for organic cultivation.
  • Tulsi leaves (no stems!) go through a unique process to ensure the highest potency and full retention of natural essential oils and inherent healing ingredients.
  • Each batch of Tulsi leaves is inspected under strict and uncompromising SGS and HACCP international regulations.

Package: 50 g …79,– CZK 100 g (original tin)…195,– CZK 500 g (original carton)…500,– CZK 25 bags …79,– CZK

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What are the health benefits of Tulsi ? Modern scientific research confirms that Tulsi reduces stress, enhances stamina, relieves inflammation, lowers cholesterol, eliminates toxins, protects against radiation, prevents gastric ulcers, lowers fevers, improves digestion and provides a rich supply of antioxidants and other nutrients. Tulsi is especially effective in supporting the heart, blood vessels, liver and lungs and also regulates blood pressure and blood sugar.

How can Tulsi offer so many health benefits? The unique chemistry of Tulsi is highly complex. Tulsi contains hundreds of different beneficial compounds known as phyto-chemicals. Working together, these compounds possess strong anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, adaptogenic (anti-stress) and immune-enhancing properties that promote general health and support the body's natural defense against germs, stress and disease. The essential oils in the leaves of Tulsi that contribute to the fragrance and refreshing flavor of Tulsi Tea, are a particularly rich source of valuable phyto-chemicals.

What does ‚adaptogenic‘ mean? An adaptogen is an agent that helps the body adapt more efficiently to stress. Adaptogens reduce the intensity and negative impact of the stress caused by mental tension, emotional difficulties, poor lifestyle habits, disease and infection, pollution and other factors. Tulsi is one of the most effective adaptogens known.

How soon can I expect to see results from drinking TULSI TEAs? Some of Tulsi's effects are quite immediate, while others develop gradually after weeks of regular use. For example, you may feel more relaxed and energized after the first cup. Although Tulsi has many specific effects on different bodily systems, its main benefits arise from its impressive general capacity to assist the body's natural process of healing and maintaining health. Tulsi's overall health promotion and disease prevention effects are powerful, but often subtle. For example, you may simply notice that you do not seem to be bothered by stress or common illnesses, such as colds or flu, nearly as often as before. Or you may notice that you generally tire less easily. As with many other herbal supplements, it usually takes at least a week or so of consistent use for the body to experience major benefits.

Why do you call your collection Teas? TULSI TEA blends are herbal teas, prepared as an infusion in just-boiled water. Herbs prepared this way are popularly known internationally as herbal teas.

Do TULSI TEAs contain caffeine? Tulsi is naturally caffeine-free. However, our blends TULSI CHAI, TULSI DARJEELING and TULSI GREEN TEA contain caffeine. The other blends are completely caffeine free.

How do I prepare ORGANIC INDIA TULSI TEA? Place one teaspoon or tea bag of TULSI TEA per cup in a pot or cup and pour just-boiled water. Infuse for two to five minutes to suit your taste (do not boil Tulsi/ herbs). A longer steeping time, such as five minutes, yields a stronger tea with more beneficial properties. Serve hot or iced. If desired, add sweetener, lemon and/or other spices. If you wish, you can cover the tea and stir occasionally with a spoon to assist the brewing process.

Can TULSI TEA be taken with milk? Yes. However, most people enjoy Tulsi Tea plain. Children love sweetened Tulsi Tea with milk.

How long can we store TULSI TEA? We recommend that you consume the product within two years of the manufacturing date. Keep it in a cool, dry place in an air-tight container, away from direct sunlight.

**How many cups of TULSI TEA do you recommend per day? For maximum health benefits, drink three to five cups daily. Tulsi Tea can be enjoyed throughout the day, from morning to night. However, even one cup of Tulsi Tea a day is beneficial. During times of illness, the quantity and the strength of ORGANIC INDIA TULSI TEA can be increased to quicken recovery.

Do TULSI TEAs have any harmful side effects? No. TULSI TEAs have no harmful side effects, and are considered very safe by modern scientific standards. In fact, Tulsi helps to reduce the ill effects of many allopathic medicines and has proved to be beneficial for people of all ages.


Scientific research indicates that Tulsi offers the following benefits:

Holistic Health Promotion. Enhances general health and well-being, having positive overall effects on the body and mind.

Stress Resilience. Increases the capacity to cope and adapt to changing and challenging environments, and reduces the negative physical and psychological effects of stress (adaptogenic).

Energy and Performance. Improves stamina and endurance, and increases the body's efficiency in using oxygen. Enhances protein synthesis and strength.

Anti-Aging Effects. Helps retain (and regain!) youthful vigour, and slows the biological aging process by reducing the impact of physiological aging factors.

Antioxidants. Provides significant antioxidant and free radical scavenging protection. Neutralizes dangerous biochemicals that contribute to premature aging, cancer, and degenerative diseases.

Radiation Protection. Reduces the cell and tissue damage caused by harmful rays of the sun, TV, computers, X-rays, radiation therapy, high altitude air travel, etc.

Immunity Tune-Up. Strengthens and modulates the immune system. Reduces allergic histamine, asthmatic and other adverse immune reactions.

Anti-inflammatory Action. Reduces the painful and dangerous inflammation that plays a key role in various forms of arthritis, cancer and degenerative neurological disorders.

Antibiotic Protection. Offers significant natural antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties and is, thereby, helpful in treating many serious systemic diseases, as well as localized infections.

**Heart and Vascular Protection. Lowers dangerous cholesterol and stress-related high blood pressure, protects the heart and blood vessels, and has mild blood thinning qualities, thereby decreasing the likelihood of strokes.

Liver Support. Generally contributes to healthy liver function, improves the metabolic breakdown and elimination of dangerous chemicals in the blood, and counteracts various liver diseases.

Lung and Bronchial Support. In addition to contributing generally to respiratory health, Tulsi has been shown to be helpful in the treatment of a variety of serious allergic, inflammatory and infectious disorders affecting the lungs and related tissues.

Nutrition. Contains vitamins C and A, and minerals calcium, zinc and iron, as well as chlorophyll and many other phytonutrients. It also enhances the efficient digestion, absorption and use of nutrients from food and other herbs.

Allopathic Medicine Complement. Enhances the effectiveness and reduces the negative and often dangerous side effects of many standard modern medical treatments.

And, as if that weren't enough, among its many other benefits, Tulsi also lowers high blood pressure, fevers, reduces nausea, vomiting and cramping, protects against gastric ulcers, lowers dangerous blood sugar levels in diabetics, diminishes „bad breath,“ and repels mosquitoes!

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